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Be Part of the clean energy revolution

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We have a bold mission to create a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous California. Achieving that dream takes a diverse team of skilled trade and craft specialists.

Ours is a workplace where you can grow personally and professionally. Even better, you get to enrich the quality of life for almost every resident and business in Southern California. We offer careers in diverse fields and experience levels ranging from entry-level to seasoned pro.

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Our success depends on our skilled trade workforce. Their hard work and expertise has a direct impact on how the state of California runs. We’re looking for skilled trades professionals—people who love challenges. We’ll give you expert training and opportunities for advancement, and a safe working environment. Sound like the perfect career? We think so.

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Groundman/Groundwoman & Lineman/Linewoman

Responsible for the construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of overhead and underground high-voltage electric facilities and equipment.

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Substation Operations & Maintenance

System and Substation Operators work at Switching Centers and Substations. They work to ensure that switching is performed safely while maintaining continuity of electric service to customers.

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From Test Technicians to Junior Technicians, System Communication Technicians to Automotive Technicians—these critical employees work on calibration, installation, maintenance, and operation of various types of equipment.

Groundman/Groundwoman Pathway

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A great start and a great job with an overwhelming sense of service. That’s what’s in store for you as a Groundman/Groundwoman with SCE.

This is an entry-level position. Their main function is to assist with building, maintaining and repairing the electrical system. It is the prerequisite to moving on to a Journeyman level position.

Rest assured, every day will be different. Most likely, you will be among the first ones on the scene when a customer needs us. You will work hard. You will work with purpose. And you will definitely work safe.

Minimum Requirements for the Job:

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent, a Class A driver’s license and experience with basic use and functions of electrical equipment in line construction and maintenance. Some previous experience as a groundman or groundwoman would be great. Even better if you have a certificate of completion from an SCE-accredited training program.


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With 220 journeyman teams and 290 apprentices competing at this year's International Lineman's Rodeo in Kansas, getting to the podium wasn't an easy feat. But the Southern California Edison group - with 10 teams and 10 apprentices competing - took home several trophies, including first and second place in the Journeyman Hurtman Rescue and third place in the overall Journeyman Investor-Owned Utilities category.

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A journeyman lineman or linewoman is responsible for the installation and maintenance of power lines and equipment, including system repairs due to bad weather. Gonzalo Garcia didn’t know anything about being an SCE journeyman lineman until he started trade school in 2007 to be a high-voltage electrician.

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